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Latest updates

  • Week of May 18, 2022
  • Added newspaper articles about the park naming

Still researching:

  • Sidney
  • More pictures of Sidney

  • What the Creole Cafe looked like on 7th Street?

  • What happened to Sidney after 1930s?

  • Why was he declared dead in Oakland but buried in Martinez?

  • What happened to Irene's dad? Was he killed?

  • Where was he from 1930s on?

  • Who is PS Lyons?

  • Irene's granddaughter said a cross was burned on her lawn. Is there anything written about this?

  • The KKK
  • Who was in the KKK in Piedmont?

  • Are there pictures of the KKK in Piedmont?
  • Information on Piedmont and sundown towns
  • Piedmont West End Improvement Club and its president, WF Wood - in KKK?
  • Fred W Heere (Sgt Of Police, 31 years old)
  • Ralph and Mary Staedleron on Scenic Avenue 
  • Racism in general
  • Denial of loans

  • Realtors told not to show homes to POC

  • 1960s Cross burned on a Black woman's lawn in Piedmont

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