Creating a Historical Plaque

for Sidney Dearing in Wildwood / Nova Park


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There is a park across the street from his previous house (#103).

aerial of park.jpg

Sample historical plaque

Plaque 1.jpg
Plaque 2.png

Samples from

And all of the current historical plaques in Piedmont (here).


 The internet gives a wide range of costs for a plaque: "The cost can be as much as $5,430 (plus installation costs) or as little as $410 for a standard State or National Register of Historic Places plaque."

Please write our city council

In order to show more support, we need more people to write our city council urging them to move forward on creating a historical plaque for Sidney Dearing in the Wildwood and Nova Park across the street from where his house was. Please write our city council members here.